Lizzo Addresses Backlash Regarding Previous Swae Lee & Future Rap Comments

There is always one debate or the other over the topic of gender, and the hip-hop is not left out, as the conversations on whether or not female artists should be called rappers, like their male counterparts, continue to swirl. Doja Cat and Lizzo have been in the thick of the new conversation over their styles and deliveries.

It would surprise you to learn that most people out there don’t see the title of “rapper” befitting for a female artist, but not Lizzo. She recently had a chat with Angie Martinez, in which she spoke on the matter when asked if Lizzo is a rapper.

“Yo, that question is crazy ’cause there’s this thing—I got f*cking annihilated on the internet, early days, when I was tweeting,” Lizzo said.

“I was like, yo, there’s a lotta racism in genre, you know what I mean? There’s a lot of rappers that are actually singers, but they call them rappers because of their aesthetic, you know what I’m saying?”

“These rappers be singing they heart out but they got chains and they got the grill [so people call them rappers] ,” Lizzo added. “And they’re using melody to create music and I think it’s a beautiful thing. So, I was like, yo, I rap and I sing and I do the same, but I am as much of a rapper as Swae Lee or Future. And I got destroyed! They was like, ‘Shut up! No fat b*tches in the club!’ I was like, what did I do?!”

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