Lizzo Shows Support For Palestine, Sudan, And The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Lizzo has expressed her sympathy for college demonstrators, Palestine, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo through public statements.

On Monday, May 13, the musician posted a video on Instagram addressing the different issues going on, offering her support. The singer also talked on how, throughout her “deep, dark depression” of the past year, watching activists around the globe has been “motivating” for her.

Prior to this, the singer formerly said that she had “quit” in March and lately took aim at internet bullies. However, she subsequently emphasized that, contrary to popular belief, she meant to “quit giving any negative energy attention” and not to mention music.

Lizzo highlighted student demonstrators in her Instagram video’s conclusion, as well as Operation Olive Brach, which helps link individuals with impoverished Palestinian families. Recent reports state that Lizzo’s announcement that she is “quitting” was a “joke,” in response to the dancers who are suing her for sexual harassment.

The statement was sent after a court in February rejected Lizzo’s motion to have her impending lawsuit of discrimination and sexual harassment dismissed. Lizzo was first sued in August 2023 after being charged with harassing a man sexually and fostering a hostile work environment at an Amsterdam strip club.

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