Logic Goes For Def Jam’s Jugular For ‘F-ing Up’ His Single Release Plan

Logic is expressing his displeasure for Def Jam Recordings’ plan for his new singles. The rapper revealed this in a heated clip posted on Thursday, April 21, wherein he called out his label, but exonerated CEO Tunji Balogun, for what he claimed was the label’s messy design for his two-fer set.

“Def Jam, why you f–king up my releases, man?” he said in the selfie video, staring intently at the camera as he aired his grievances. “First of all, I love you Tunji. Tunji’s my guy, he ain’t got nothing to do with this. What the f–k is going on, man? I told Def Jam that I wanted to release my s–t as a two-pack and I just found out that they’re releasing it as two singles at the same time. What kind of s–t is that?”

On top of the confusing plan, Logic said he was informed that he should hold off on dropping the music videos early as it may “upset our partners who feel like YouTube’s getting an exclusive.” Getting more infuriated, he added, “I don’t give a f–k about none of that s–t. I care about my fans, man. I care about hip-hop. I care about music.”

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