Mac Miller Death: Drug Dealer Sentenced To 17.5 Years In Prison

One of the men who sold a laced drug that resulted in the tragic death of American rapper, Marc Miller has been sentenced to 17.5 years in prison. Marc Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, died in 2018  from a drug overdose after injecting a fatal mixture of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol.

A statement from the US Attorney’s office read that the convicted drug dealer, Stephen Walter will spend 210 months behind bars in a federal US prison. 49-year old Walter, who in 2021 pleaded guilty to the federal charge of “distribution of fentanyl” was arrested following the fatal overdose of Marc Miller in 2018. 

Stephen Walter is the second of the three men charged with the “distribution of fentanyl” in the death of the 26-year old rapper. William Reaves, who was charged alongside Walter, had earlier in April been sentenced to 11 years in prison. They had both pleaded guilty to their charges in 2021.

A third man from the trio, Cameron Pettit, is awaiting sentencing in the manslaughter case.

Walter had on September 4 2018,  requested William Reaves to supply counterfeit pills to Cameron Pettit. Pettit upon receiving the pills, supplied them to the late rapper. Mac Miller was found dead in his home two days later on September 7 after injecting the pills.

Miller, who at one time had a long-term relationship with pop star Ariana Grande, had a troubled history with drugs. His drug problems reportedly led to his breakup with Ariana. Prior to his death, the late rapper was preparing for his tour in October to promote his then newly released album, Swimming.

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