Machine Gun Kelly ‘Shot’ The Visuals To New Lil Wayne Collab, ‘ay!’, On An iPhone

Machine Gun Kelly released his first lead single off his forthcoming album, “mainstream sellout”, titled “ay!”, which features rapper extraordinaire, Lil Wayne. The pop punk-rocker revisited his hip-hop roots, rapping on the single, for which he also released an accompanying music video.

Following the song’s release, MGK, on his Instagram, shared a clip and captioned the post, “shot this in my living room last night on an iPhone for “ay” feat. @liltunechi OUT NOW 🥳🥳.”

As the visual starts rolling, the musician is seen in what would come off as a dressing room with a cool range of assorted clothing racks in the background. He gets on the phone with someone, asking whoever it was on the other end of the line to “call the boys up” to “see if we can shoot this video for ‘ay!'” because it “comes out in the morning.”

Moments later, MGK and his backing crew make various eccentric, rockstar-like outfit changes in quick successive edits, as they move in rhythm with the song. At a certain point in the course of the video, Kelly’s face creepily makes a sudden change, as he continues to sing along, having his mouth replace both of his eyeballs.

Lil Wayne also made an appearance in the form of a cartoon cardboard cutout/drawing placed on the table before MGK and his guys.

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