Maluma, Blessd & Kapla Y Miky Condemn Violence In Colombia During Premio Lo Nuestro Performance

Maluma, Blessd and Kapla Y Miky harnessed the voices of their platform during Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro on Thursday night, February 24th, to speak out in condemnation of drug culture and the many, not-so-good narratives surrounding their native land, Colombia.

Holding on to his Idolo Global award, Maluma wrapped up his performance with these pertinent words. “Colombia isn’t drug trafficking; Colombia is loads of talent,” he said, over the loud cheers rising from the audience.

The singer delivered an energized performance, as his norm is and has always been, riding onto the stage atop a motorcycle, in an all leather getup with shades over his eyes during his “Mama Tetema rendition.” The singer soon after smoothly transitioned into “Cositas Del USA” in an industrial, graffiti-covered scene, surrounded by dancers in red leather.

Maluma was soon joined by Blessd and Kapla Y Miky, for their joint performance of “L.N.E.M. (GATA)”. All four stars donned thick jackets, but soon revealed what was hiding underneath, which turned out to be matching white t-shirts that read “Medallo en el Mapa. + Musica, – Violencia.”

Maluma was up for eight awards, including Premio Lo Nuestro Artist of the Year, Pop Solo Artist of the Year and Pop Collaboration of the Year. Blessd was also got a nod for Male New Artist.

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