Mario Thinks What Happened With Chris Rock And Will Smith On Oscars Night Was All Scripted

The 94th Oscars have come and gone, but on its way out did raise some dust that is going to take a while to settle.

Will Smith left a print of his palm on Chris Rock’s face for showing disrespect to his wife’s health condition by choosing that night of all nights to make a joke that needed a female bald head reference in it to be funny. Even Rock declared the night the “biggest night in television history” because of the drastic turn of events.

Although Diddy has since confirmed that the two are now cool, people, online and off, are still talking about the epic night. Celebs like Nicki and DaBaby have made their different contributions to the cause, both of them showing empathy for Chris and relating to his pain in their different ways.

Now, singer Mario, has an input to make on the matter. A quite different view, actually. The singer isn’t taking sides with anyone, instead he believes there is a sure hidden agenda at play. Something has him feeling so sure that what happened that night between Smith and Rock was all staged, all scripted.

He came on his Instagram stories with series of posts, one of which said, “I ain’t buying it”.

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