Mase Refused To Accept Anything Less Than $1 Million When DJ Akademiks Wanted To Sign Fivio Foreign

Hip-Hop fans were shocked to learn that Mase was one of the first artists to sign Fivio Foreign. After it was indicated that Fivio received a $5,000 advance, the disclosure stirred up some controversy, but Mase later clarified that Fivio actually received a sizable check when he assisted the rapper in obtaining a record deal. Later, a top rapper in the New York Drill movement rose to international fame.

DJ Akademiks stated that he had “had experience with that situation” in a recent interview with VladTV. “So, I had a joint venture label where I sign artists, I still sign artists but new artists are too much and make too much money not dealing with it so why even do a deal with a bunch of demons, right? But anyway, I was trying to look into signing a couple of artists and I remember at the time, Fivio was poppin’,” he divulged.

Apart from the buzz he was starting to hear, Akademiks stated he didn’t notice much movement near Fivio, so he made the decision to intervene. The blogger had anticipated being able to get by with half a million, but when Fivio reportedly signed a $1.5 million deal with Columbia Records, he praised “Mase’s value.”

See more of the chat in the video below.

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