Mase Seemingly Targets Diddy In “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha”

All former Bad Boy stars are coming out from their cocoons to openly speak about their times with the record label. Bad Boy Records was one of the few coveted labels that was pivotal to helping with getting the Golden Era of Hip Hop into music history, doing that with artists like Biggie, Lil Kim, 112, Total, The LOX, Faith Evans, Black Rob, Shyne, and many more.

Mason Betha, popularly known as Mase, also dished out one or two classics during that era, but after he waved byebye to the world and his secular music career, and said yes to being a preacher, every one of his fans thought that was the end to anything music coming from him.

However, it would seem like 2022 has loads of surprise packages up its sleeves, as earlier on Monday, March 14th, Mase rolled out his new single, “ORACLE 2: Standing On Bodies.” In the song’s lyrics, he seems to still have his former friend and label head, Sean “Diddy” Combs, on his mind.

“N*ggas sayin’ let it go / You buggin’ n*gga, I can’t let it be / Tell n*ggas don’t call for me, I can only talk for me,” he rapped. “Then they tried to dangle money, they didn’t think I’d ever leave / N*ggas never pay the artists / But they love to pay the freaks.”

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