Masego Releases His Self-titled Sophomore Album

Masego’s self-titled sophomore album is out today via EQT Recordings/Capitol Records

You Never Visit Me Tour, Launching March 12, Is Nearly Sold Out

Masego, a Grammy-nominated musician, has just dropped his much-awaited self-titled album on EQT Recordings/Capitol Records. The multi-instrumentalist prodigy who plays jazz, hip-hop, and R&B has already gathered almost two billion global streams in his career, and his new album is expected to be yet another outstanding hit.

The smash song “Tadow,” which has been certified Platinum in the U.S., Diamond in Brazil, and Gold in Mexico, was included on Masego’s prior full-length debut, Lady Lady. His deluxe EP Studying Abroad: Extended Stay featured the RIAA Gold-certified single “Mystery Woman Feat. Don Toliver,” garnered Masego his first Grammy nomination.

Masego Releases His Self-Titled Sophomore Album, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024
Masego Photo Credit: Sam Erickson

The You Never Visit Me Tour, which begins on March 12, is nearly sold out, demonstrating the desire for Masego and its appeal. His popularity is universal as evidenced by the fact that he has previously performed at events and festivals on all continents save Antarctica.

“I’m very thankful of the journey. This went from a hobby to a job,” says Masego. I was receiving all the things for which they claim you should feel fulfilled, but I wasn’t. Several things need reevaluation on my part. I said, “I can’t transform this into what I had envisaged. I’m unable to stay here, therefore. I had to go.” That is that movement, Masego. It comes from a musician who enjoys fusing introspection with extroversion, smoldering romanticism with wry humor, and disciplined musical discipline with exciting flights of intuition. It is a large, lyrical, and slightly cheeky composition.

Masego sought out the “outliers, the savants” for this very collaborative project, including Kelvin Wootan, Louie Lastic, Richie Souf, Monte Booker, WaveIQ, and Rocaine. The ultimate product is an album that displays Masego’s distinctive fusion of genres and inspirations, including jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and anime.

“Two Sides (I’m So Gemini),” “You Never Visit Me,” and “Say You Want Me,” the album’s first three singles, have had more than 15 million streams globally. The official video for “Two Sides (I’m So Gemini)” has been acclaimed by Clash Magazine, which dubbed it “a Gemini love tale, with Masego striving to stick up for this oft-maligned star sign. His whimsical side is expressed through an agile vocal, and the charming song also shows off his jazz background.

There are 14 songs on the album, including “Eternal Sunshine (Firepit),” “Black Anime,” “Sax 5th Avenue,” “Afraid of Water,” “Down in the Dumps,” “Remembering Sundays,” “Who Cares Anyhow,” “Bye Bye My Sweetheart,” and “In Style.” The album is a must-listen for both ardent followers and newbies alike because Masego’s distinct style and ability are displayed throughout.

Ultimately, Masego’s self-titled album is a tribute to his musical talent and capacity to meld many musical influences and genres shrewdly. Masego’s career is certain to continue to soar with already amazing streaming statistics and a highly anticipated tour.

Track Listing – Masego

  1. Black Anime
  2. Sax 5th Avenue
  3. What You Wanna Try
  4. Afraid of Water
  5. Down In The Dumps
  6. You Play With My Heart
  7. Remembering Sundays
  8. Who Cares Anyway
  9. Bye Bye My Love
  10. Say You Want Me
  11. Two Sides (I’m So Gemini)
  12. You Never Visit Me
  13. In Style
  14. Eternal Sunshine (Firepit)

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