MAUIMØON Is Spotify’s Fresh Finds Africa Pick For February

Ugandan Alté R&B singer-songwriter is on the way up

R&B/Fusion singer-songwriter MAUIMØON has been named as the February Fresh Finds Africa artist on Spotify, according to an announcement by the music streaming platform.

The Fresh Finds Africa programme is designed to showcase independent artists from across the continent, providing a platform for them to introduce their music to new audiences. Set to launch in March, the programme will include a playlist, resources and programmes to help musicians build their careers.

MAUIMØON, whose real name is Donald Otim, has drawn inspiration from a range of sources, including R&B, Afropop and Hip Hop, which are strongly influenced by his East African heritage.

The singer-songwriter has built a loyal following since releasing his debut DRIVE and TOO REAL in 2019, followed by the PLEASURE EP in 2020. The latter project, which saw the artist take a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, included mellow R&B-fusion tracks that quickly earned him a devoted fanbase.

MAUIMØON’s popularity continued to grow with the release of fan favourite Sweeta and Here They Come in 2022. These successes have enabled him to establish a close working relationship with his producer, La Soulchyld, with whom he created Cherry Sweet, the lead single from his upcoming album From Uganda With Love, due for release in February.

As he continues to gain a wider audience throughout the continent, MAUIMØON says he is keen to leave a lasting legacy beyond his music.

“Creating unforgettable events, emotions, and sensations in other people’s life at various points in their lives, in my opinion, is what it means to leave a legacy. It also entails giving back to my neighborhood and improving the lives of others who haven’t had the same opportunities as me,” said the musician.

The Fresh Finds Africa programme is part of Spotify’s broader initiatives to support the African music industry, including RADAR and EQUAL.

The Fresh Finds Africa playlist will feature a different artist every month, selected by the Spotify Music staff. Spotify’s head of music for Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu, said that MAUIMON’s music and style represented a bold and diverse range of artists, and expressed excitement at the prospect of helping the artist share his skills around the world.

Listen to MAUIMØON’s song, Cherry Sweet on the Fresh Finds Africa playlist.

Every month, Fresh Finds Africa spotlights one artist selected by the Spotify Music team. It is an important aspect of Spotify’s initiatives, including RADAR & EQUAL, created to support the African music scene.

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