Mayor Eric Adams Sits Down With NYC Drill Rappers To Discuss Drill Rap And Its Influence

On Tuesday night, Maino, Fivio Foreign and more met up with NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, to discuss the influence of drill rap music on the city’s crime rate.

Politics and hip-hop linked up on Tuesday night, as a crew of New York rappers met with Mayor Eric Adams to talk about his issues with New York drill rap music. The Mayor sought to seek out a way to help his city by lowering its crime rate, and felt holding that meeting would help the cause.

The roundtable meeting was graced by Fivio Foreign and Maino, who shared a clip on Instagram about the ensuing conversation. “It’s been a lot of talk about drill rap, drill music in New York City, connecting violence with the culture, and I just wanted to create a conversation with the mayor,” Maino said in the clip.

“We brought Fivio here, we got young B-Lovee here, Slow Bucks here, we got Bleezy here to talk about what’s really happening so the mayor could get a real perspective and real understanding of what drill rap is and so we could have some real dialogue and really make things happen.”

“We’re going to roll out something together on the whole conversation and I’m looking forward to it,” Mayor Adams added, giving Maino a warm handshake.

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