Megan Thee Stallion And Latto Promote New Collaboration With Twerk Video

Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla had some famous guests backstage following a recent performance earlier this week. Latto and Flo Milli attended, and a video of the group enjoying themselves went viral on the internet. What appeared to be a preview for a new project that three of the four were working on was that video. The latest track, “Sunday Service” by Latto, was released in February. Flo Milli and Megan were included in the remix version that she eventually released the next night. The collaboration between the four artists has sparked excitement among fans eagerly anticipating more music from this talented group. With their individual successes and unique styles, a joint project could be a hit.

People are still interested in the music because the original has received nearly 12 million plays on Spotify alone. Fans were thrilled to hear the trio of rap icons perform an extended song rendition together. A portion of the explanation can be attributed to their prompt and impactful promotion of the new single earlier this week. In a recent music video promoting the song’s release, Megan and Latto—two of hip-hop’s most well-known twerkers—displayed their skills side by side. Latto offers her thoughts on the video. Her remarks allude to a scene in which the three of them record themselves dancing in front of the mirror later in the video. Since Flo Milli released her new album in March, they have been swamped this year. Megan made hers known for later in the month.

Fans on Instagram and Twitter were astounded by the footage when it was posted on both social media sites. One of the most popular comments on the Instagram photo said, “Meg be throwing it like rent due, and I live lol”. “Ion even remembers the mirror part. Lmfao FRIED.”

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