Megan Thee Stallion Drops Hot New Single ‘Flamin’ Hottie’

Award-winning female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, has released a new song which she titles “Flamin Hottie”. Some weeks ago, a teaser for a Cheetos commercial was released, starring Megan Thee Stallion alongside singer-songwriter, Charlie Puth. Teaser below:

With the Super Bowl on its way, you can easily anticipate a handful of collaborations with big brands and big artists. Away from the commercial, she takes things a step further by releasing a song heavily inspired by her Cheetos deal.

It’s titled ‘Flamin’ Hottie’ and is, of course, a wordplay on the brand’s flavour and her nickname. The song contains some references, but it generally feels like a song Megan and only Megan could drop anyway. A smart business choice for Cheetos, and a big, fat win for Meg. Feel free to tap the link below for a sizzling taste of the flaming new song:

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