Megan Thee Stallion Sues 1501 Certified Entertainment For $1 Million In Damages

Megan Thee Stallion and 1501 Certified Entertainment’s continuing legal battle has gone through several changes throughout the years. The Traumazine star has had problems with her label, and it appears that there is mutual animosity because 1501 boss Carl Crawford has voiced his complaints to the rapper.

Megan signed to the record company of the former Los Angeles Dodgers player when she was simply an up-and-coming artist in Texas searching for her big break. The year after “Big Ole Freak,” Megan’s breakthrough song that helped put her on the map in 2019, she started making attempts to get free of her contract.

Megan and Crawford frequently exchange insults on social media, and after complaining once more that 1501 allegedly tried to obstruct the release of her most recent record, Rolling Stone stated that Megan is requesting $1 million in damages from the court.

The publication claims that Megan’s team has formally requested that the Houston label cease “her ‘tortured’ relationship.” Rapper Traumazine may have been her final album with label 1501, according to the rapper, who also wants her Something for Thee Hotties project from last October to complete her tenure there. Crawford apparently disagrees, claiming that Megan owes them millions of dollars and that her 2021 project wasn’t really an album at all.

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