Meghan Trainor Premieres “Bad For Me” Acoustic Version – Listen

Meghan Trainor has joined the league of musicians who released songs and went ahead to have an acoustic version of the same. Welcome to the world of her “Bad For Me” acoustic version tune.

The acoustic version of the song dropped on YouTube yesterday, 16 August, and has been viewed 47,117 times at the time of writing – a puzzling paltry figure given that she has a subscription base of 12.4 million on the platform.

Is the patent lack of interest in the acoustic version a testament to a lack of quality? We wouldn’t say so. On the contrary, we actually love the acoustic version of her song, much as we were keenly interested in the original tune.

In “Bad For Me,” which featured Teddy Swims, the songstress was patently vulnerable crooning about a failed relationship. It was toxic, and walking away from it all appeared like the ideal thing to do. No, take that back; it was.

“Bad For Me” is deeply personal and highly relatable. Anyone who has been in a relationship at some [point, toxic or not, will appreciate what the songstress has put together. You’re welcome to check out the acoustic version of the song below and have a blast. No qualms.

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