Mercy Chinwo Discusses Her Berets, Marriage, And Career Success

Nigerian gospel singer Mercy Chinwo has been recording music since 2012. She is well known for her uplifting yet soulful brand of worship music. She has become a fan favorite, and numerous radio stations have played her tunes. Mercy Chinwo recently discussed why she rarely leaves the house without a beret in an interview with The Guardian. The artist cited the beret as her trademark appearance and a symbol of her unwavering trust in God.

She explained that her relationship with Pastor Blessed has helped her grow spiritually and that she places God at the core of her marriage when asked about it. Mercy recalled how her singing career began when her parents saw she was constantly singing and enjoyed entertaining family members and even inanimate items around the house when she was just six. She was encouraged by being included in the children’s choir of their neighborhood church at the time.

Afterward, she started singing with the adult choir and served as a backup singer. The gospel singer eventually entered competitions and took first place in them. She admitted that she felt the urge to stand out not only in terms of her profession but also in terms of her sense of style. And that’s how she incorporated berets into her fashion, she stated. She claims that led to the development of her web company, “Mecempire.”

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