Messiah, T.I.’s Son, Surprises Fans With His Country Music Début

There is a wealth of skill in the Harris family. Although T.I. and Tiny are well known for their expert rapping and singing abilities, other members of the family are also talented musicians. Zonnique, the couple’s 26-year-old daughter, followed in her mother’s musical footsteps, while Domani, their 21-year-old son, chose to follow in his father’s rapping ones.

Fans were unprepared for Tip’s oldest son, Messiah, to start his own career as a country music star. Online users have been watching a video of the 22-year-old giving his first performance as an artist at Vinyl in Center Stage Atlanta. Messiah, who went by the stage name Buddy Red, dazzled the audience with a record that was heavily influenced by the Blues and played the electric guitar.

On Instagram, Messiah posted a video of himself singing the song “When I Dream,” sharing, “Can you tell it’s my first live performance? You all made it feel so good being up there, I appreciate it very much. The song I’m playing is out right now: ‘When I Dream’-Buddy Red.”

Tiny praised the Family Hustle actor on Instagram for landing his first gig. While Messiah, Domani, and Zonnique have employed their skills, King Harris, the family’s second-to-youngest kid, has been the focus of a different kind of attention. The 18-year-old earned a reputation earlier this year after getting into a fight with a Waffle House employee. He was taken into custody for an unspecified reason months later, but soon after, he posted bail.

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