Metallica’s Rare First Recording With Dave Mustaine Will Be Out On Vinyl

Metallica’s first-ever recording, “Hit the Lights,” this spring, will be out on vinyl for the first time ever since 1984. Record label, Metal Blade, will be reissuing its seminal Metal Massacre compilation that contained “Hit the Lights” in line with marking its 40th anniversary in April 2022.

The reissue will be housing the original tracklist of the release, which would be including Ratt’s “Tell the World” and Steeler’s “Cold Day in Hell,” having omitted both from later pressings. The version of Metallica’s “Hit the Lights” on the compilation will come from the second pressing of Metal Massacre, which will be featuring a guitar solo by the band’s first lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine.

The version of “Hit the Lights” on the first pressing, which is now streaming had a solo feature by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich’s friend Lloyd Grant, contributing to the track as a guest.

To add to the Metal Massacre reissue, Metal Blade will be marking its 40th anniversary with a colorful variety of festivities. Cannibal Corpse will be leading a tour with label-mates, Whitechapel and Revocation, kicking off in March. Cannibal Corpse will also headline the Metal Blade’s Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Fest. The Chicago restaurant Kuma’s Corner has upped the tempo by adding Metal Blade–themed menu items.

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