Mike Abdul Features Nosa On New Single, “Keep It To Myself”

Mike Abdul’s brand-new song, “Keep It To Myself,” also features Nosa, amapiano, and gospel collide. The song inspires listeners to continue offering thanks and praising God with its cheerful combination of amapiano sounds and inspirational lyrics. Gospel lyrics and Amapiano beats combined create a distinctive sound that various listeners will enjoy. Mike Abdul demonstrates his skill as one of our time’s most outstanding gospel musicians with this new record.

While he works on and pushes out new music, Mike has also been plugged into other activities, like the campus tour he will join, which kicks off today. More than 30 other urban gospel performers, including Mike Abdul, Fega, Timi Phoenix, Bouphy, and Mendo Ayo, would go to different campuses in Nigeria. As reported, Obafemi Awolowo University would serve as the starting point for the effort to preach the gospel.

This information may be found in John Ikeotuonye’s statement at the introduction of the second The Xpression with CDO Campus Tour. But before the campus tour announcement and the release of his new single, Mike had also been a guest act on Nosa’s earlier released single, “Your Majesty.” So, Abdul was returning the favor and recognizing the talent imbued in another gospel musician. Give the new single a listen below, or stream it on your preferred digital platform.

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