Model Claims She Twerked Fully Nude In The Studio For Kanye West & Future

Every day, it appears as if a new podcast is launched, providing additional opportunities for people to tell their stories. Several have gone popular for unorthodox thoughts on dating or pop culture in general, but every now and then, a model emerges with a story about an alleged encounter with a rapper.

Some women, like Celina Powell, have achieved social media groupie celebrity as a result of their purported escapades with chart-topping singers, and Aliza Jane’s narrative about Kanye West and Future went viral on Wednesday (June 15). Though she hasn’t offered any proof that this happened, but she claims West contacted her and told her he was with Future in the studio.

He apparently invited her over, and she was ecstatic because she had previously stated that she “wanted to see them make music [and] I wanted to show him my music. So, I pull up there, it’s at Future’s house and he literally just has me come in the studio and get butt-ass naked and just twerk in front of him and all his friends,” she went on.

“He was working on his album, Donda 2, so like, it was loud,” she further added. “I just wanted to be a fly on the wall.” Below, you can hear her recount the purported story in detail.

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