Monaleo Makes Her Debut With “Where The Flowers Don’t Die”

Where The Flowers Don't Die: A Testament to Resilience and Artistic Evolution

Houston-based rapper and singer, Monaleo, has released her much-anticipated debut project, “Where The Flowers Don’t Die,” via Stomp Down. The project showcases Monaleo’s dynamic range, from her hard-hitting single “Ass Kickin” to the acoustic ballad “Miss Understood,” demonstrating her versatility and cementing her place among rap’s rising stars.

Monaleo Makes Her Debut With &Quot;Where The Flowers Don'T Die&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 22, 2024Monaleo, who recently became a mother, has crafted a project that explores her deepest emotions and presents previously unseen facets of her artistry. The project is a testament to her creative evolution, featuring tracks that range from the scrappy “Wig Splitter” to the glamorous pop-infused “Goddess,” a collaboration with rap darling Flo Milli.

In her own words, Monaleo describes the project as a “time capsule” that immerses listeners in her world. She aims to create a sensory experience that resonates with listeners, with music that “moves people and creates a sensory experience that you remember forever.”

The project opens with the strikingly vulnerable track “Sober Mind,” which Monaleo recently performed on COLORS Studios. The performance marked a significant milestone as she became the first pregnant artist to perform on the platform.

“Where The Flowers Don’t Die” follows the success of Monaleo’s viral hits “Beatin Down Yo Block” and “We Not Humpin,” and her tribute to her hometown, “Ridgemont Baby.” Despite her rising fame, Monaleo remains an independent artist, with additional backing from Cash App Studios, and continues to advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, and self-care among the younger generation.

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Following the release of her debut project, Monaleo will shift her focus to her new role as a mother. In line with her commitment to giving back to her community, she will be hosting a Maternity Giveaway live event in Houston, TX on Saturday, May 27th.

Monaleo’s debut has already garnered international acclaim, with praise from NME, Rolling Stone AU, Interview Mag, Teen Vogue, Houston Chronicle, Uproxx, Okayplayer, Vibe, Complex, XXL, Genius, and more. As her career continues to blossom, there is no doubt that “Where The Flowers Don’t Die” is just the beginning of Monaleo’s story.

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