Moving Up!: Rihanna Buys $21 Million Century City Penthouse

The Century, one of Los Angeles’ most costly and prominent residential buildings, has served as Rihanna’s principal apartment since 2014. However, she feels a little crowded in her three-bedroom, 3,500 square-foot home because she has a new baby and another child is on the way, in addition to staff and her constant entourage.

The rich pop icon, expecting her second kid with A$AP Rocky, is moving to a luxurious condo in the sky. Rihanna reportedly paid $21 million for a penthouse in Century City, California, according to

Moving Up!: Rihanna Buys $21 Million Century City Penthouse, Yours Truly, News, October 4, 2023The Century, one of Los Angeles’ priciest and most prominent residential buildings, is home to the 9,290-square-foot luxury residence. The 35-year-old singer formerly resided in a 3,500-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment in the same building; however, her new dwellings are over three times as significant and take up the 40th floor.


Afterpay co-founder Nick Molnar’s 4-bedroom, the 6.5-bathroom property was initially advertised for $28 million, but Rihanna worked out a sizable reduction. A private elevator, floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the city skyline, dark brown hardwood floors, and an all-white kitchen with marble countertops are just a few of the opulent features. A soundproof movie theater, a master suite with a curved bedroom, and a private lounge are other amenities.

Denzel Washington, reality stars Terry and Heather Dubrow, and Candy Spelling, who resides two floors above Rihanna, are some of the well-known residents of The Century. The owner of Fenty Beauty, who is reportedly worth $1.4 billion, already has a substantial real estate portfolio that includes two Beverly Hills properties. She allegedly paid $23.8 million for the adjacent houses in 2021.

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