Mr. Kleb Teams Up With Stephen And Obidients For “Elu P” (LP)

The 2023 presidential elections have been conducted, and the results have been announced. Still, many supporters of the top contenders representing different political parties have not ceased to show their unflinching support for their faves. Nigerian underground musician Mr. Kleb is one such supporter and has his weight thrown behind the Labour Party’s presidential candidate Peter Gregory Obi.

Mr. Kleb recently teamed up with Stephen and other PO supporters, otherwise referred to as “Obidients,” on his new record “Elu P,” spelled the same way most people from the Igbo indigenous tribe would pronounce the acronym “LP.” With the new release, Kleb shows his unwavering love and support for Obi and the party he belongs to. The new single also serves as a follow-up to Kleb’s 4-track EP “Takama (Remix).”

The project featured Nigerian rapper Vector on Takama’s second remix, while other songs on the extended play were merely instrumentals. The EP was his first offering for 2023, which comes hot on the heels of a slew of singles released in the previous year, including “Rikititi,” “Mai Ganga,” “Jakuli Kuli,” and the first “Takama” remix that featured Mama Hamsatu, Nigerian rapper Magnito, and ClassiQ.

He first dropped the song’s original version earlier in 2022, but “Elu P” is the main attraction now, so be sure to give it a spin. But, of course, that is if you are on the same side of the political fence as Mr. Kleb.

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