N.O.R.E Under Fire Over Beyonce Take On Drink Champs

The latest episode of Drink Champs has been steeped in controversy with Beyoncé’s fans, collectively known as BeyHive, accusing N.O.R.E of baiting the Isley Brothers into slandering Beyoncé.

The celebrated rapper was on the latest episode of Drink Champs but left many unimpressed with what they consider the musician’s attempt to make the Isley Brothers badmouth the “Renaissance” crooner.

The veteran rapper had spoken about Beyoncé and her supporters and how people cannot speak against or criticise the singer because of the backlash that might follow from her fans. They pointed at Stephanie Hive as an example, noting that she is going through a lot because of her statement about Beyoncé.

N.O.R.E. compared the situation to that of a mafia, with the situation not debatable and people just tagging along and not saying their minds because they don’t want the backlash that might follow from criticising the songstress.

Beyoncé wouldn’t be dragged into the whole drama, though. Last we checked, she had not said anything about what N.O.R.E’s verdict about her and her fan base. And it is doubtful she would say anything.

For its part, N.O.R.E. may have confirmed his own verdict, because the BeyHive came for him soon after its Drink Champs appearance. Lol.

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