Nas Touted As Alternate Recipient To Diddy’s Key To New York City

Diddy’s current difficulties are far more pressing than revoking his key to New York City; still, there are growing calls for Diddy’s key to be taken away. Months of complaints have been filed against the rap mogul, alleging severe misconduct spanning decades. Another lawsuit was brought against him just this past week. According to the most recent, he drugged and molested a model. CNN obtained hacked hotel surveillance tapes over the weekend that purportedly showed Diddy abusing Cassie. The footage corroborated what Cassie had claimed in a late-year complaint. The mounting evidence against Diddy has caused a public outcry, with many demanding accountability for his actions. The controversy surrounding him continues to escalate as more victims come forward with their allegations.

Fans are urging different boycotts of Diddy on the internet now that the topic has intensified. The fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton recently said they will no longer use his music in their upcoming programs. Fans and even government officials have been putting a lot of pressure on the rapper to have his key to the city withdrawn. One possible substitute surfaced from the city’s past—Nas, a different rap icon—when TMZ spoke with reps about it. A few months before the dismissal of Cassie’s case, Diddy was initially given the key to the city last year. Nas, known for his socially conscious lyrics and activism, could potentially serve as a more suitable recipient of the key to the city. The backlash against Diddy highlights a growing trend of holding public figures accountable for their actions.

Nas recently completed a successful four-year run of new albums produced by Hit-Boy. Together, the duo put out an amazing six albums over the course of two distinct trilogies. The release of Magic 2 and Magic 3 last year marked the end of their collaboration. This year, Nas has persisted in releasing brand-new music videos from the first two albums. He also recently announced a unique orchestra performance to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his debut album, Illmatic.

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