NBA Youngboy Hints At Deactivating His Instagram Account Due To Plaques Authenticity Doubts

Rapper, NBA Youngboy is lashing out again, and he seems to be dwelling on the same issue of artist comparison which really does not sit well with him. YB has made it known time and again that he is a huge rapper that needs no likening to any other. Really pissed, the rapper came on his Instagram story to vent the frustration he feels about the unnecessary comparisons he seemingly gets from the fans.

“You a stupid d*** sucker if you think all this plaques ain’t real,” he wrote. “Yo favorite can’t fwm n****.”

Then he went on to threaten deactivating his account, which wouldn’t be a new thing as he has pulled that stunt in the past. However, in the comment section, his fans found his reaction funny, some wondering who he was at war with, while another group found his reaction a tad bizarre, seeing as he recently preached the gospel of peace.

This latest tirade comes shortly after he made an unusual Instagram Live appearance on Monday, November 21, with his booking agency, MAC Agency CEO Andrew Lieber, who praised his client by asserting that only him and Drake are at the top of the Hip-Hop food chain, to which YB sneered at.

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