NBA Youngboy Returns With “Lost Files” Album

NBA Youngboy drops a new project to finish the year on a very high note — The unannounced album surprises many.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana hip-hop artist, released his 19-song album titled Ma I Got A Family, enlisting Nicki Minaj and Yeat in October. But it appears that even with the album’s massive success, the success is not enough for him; he returns with Lost Files.

Lost Files is a collection of 21 tunes, including some previously released and others taken from his unreleased songs. NBA Youngboy isn’t finished with flooding the airwaves with new music.

NBA Youngboy goes fully solo on the new album, which is quite an effort for an album of 21 songs. Lost Files is rereleased via Never Broke in collaboration with Atlantic Records. Although the rapper hasn’t clarified why he decided to release a surprise album, the title and the sound of the project indicate that it’s vastly a combination of songs he recorded but never released.

Earlier this year, Youngboy promised to release ten projects before the end of the year, and Lost Files is his seventh. His previous release was a collaborative project with his record label artist Quando Rondo, 3860.

The songs on the project include “Doctor,” “Broken Hearted,” “Perc 10”, “Michael Corleone,” “Locked & Loaded,” “Ms. Alinda,” “Temporary Time,” and more. See the full tracklist and stream the project below.

Table of Contents



2I Thought3:25
3Broken Hearted3:21
4On A Boat2:58
5Hey Now2:44
7Perc 102:57
9Ms. Alinda3:20
10I Love It3:15
11Michael Corleone1:54
124KT Freestyle3:13
13Temporary Time2:48
15Time Out2:55
16Rich N****2:31
17Locked & Loaded1:43
19Time Flow2:58
20Murda Bizness3:41
21Lose Me2:54


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