Nedu Wazobia, Faces Backlash Over Suggestive Comments About Tiwa Savage

Controversial On-Air Personality (OAP), Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, has ignited outrage on social media following a series of inappropriate comments made about celebrated Nigerian songstress, Tiwa Savage.

During an episode of his podcast, ‘The Honest Brunch,’ Nedu broached a delicate topic, comparing the perceived pleasure in intimate relationships between younger women and their older counterparts. His remarks sparked widespread criticism, especially due to the explicit sexual nature of his comments on Tiwa Savage, a respected figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Nedu stated that older women, specifically those in their 40s, are more enjoyable during sexual intercourse compared to younger women. He further shocked his audience when he explicitly expressed a desire to engage in an intimate act with Tiwa Savage, a comment viewed by many as degrading and objectifying.

The 39-year-old songstress, acclaimed for her hit single ‘Somebody’s Son’, has a large fan base that came to her defense, expressing their displeasure over Nedu’s comments. Social media platforms were ablaze with comments from fans and fellow celebrities who condemned Nedu’s disrespectful remarks.

Notably, several users took to their social media handles to express their disapproval. User sanyaolufumilayo wrote, “This is nonsense. Are these people normal like this ??” While iyabosola_modupe echoed a similar sentiment, stating, “Respect Please! Talking about our own Precious Queen like that?” Some users like wunmiomotoshoo and sabina_wilson, found his comments rude and tasteless.

Critics argue that Nedu’s comments not only disrespected Tiwa Savage but also perpetuated the objectification of women. They emphasize the need for OAPs to use their platforms responsibly, engaging in constructive and respectful discourse instead of resorting to derogatory and explicit content to gain attention.

Although Nedu’s comments were intended to contribute to an ongoing debate on the dynamics of dating and sexual relationships between different age groups, many argue that the manner in which he delivered his viewpoint was inappropriate. The backlash that followed demonstrates the increasing intolerance for objectifying and disrespectful comments in the public sphere.

Nedu has yet to respond to the public outcry. The incident serves as a reminder that public figures bear the responsibility of maintaining respectful and appropriate conduct, given their influential status. Despite the freedom of speech, there is a growing call for a balance that respects individuals’ dignity, particularly regarding discussions around intimate matters.

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