Neil Gaiman Criticizes Elon Musk’s New Twitter Rules As Sandman Cancellation Rumors Spread

Famous novelist Neil Gaiman and Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, have engaged in a bit of a Twitter spat. The Sandman, the critically praised TV series adaption from Netflix, was reportedly canceled, according to a Tweet that was reposted by a Twitter user.

The “source” of the “news story,” as almost everyone on Twitter immediately recognized, was an account that parodied a legitimate film news site and was obviously false in its assertions. With regard to his “free speech” principles, Elon Musk was now vulnerable to all kinds of harsh criticism from users, including Neil Gaiman.

“Damn @neilhimself I’m sorry. Take it to @PrimeVideo” wrote the Twitter user who retweeted the hoax headline.

In response, Gaiman quoted the tweet, writing: “Just think. Now even parody/scam sites clickbaiting false news will be able to buy blue ticks. What fun it will be.”

Neil Gaiman is addressing Elon Musk’s revelation that he will be changing Twitter’s prized blue checkmark verification badge system in a direct response. Musk intends to provide users authentication for a $8 monthly fee, offering the blue checkmark to anyone who was prepared to pay the premium rather than the social networking platform distinguishing “official” or “high value” accounts (celebrities, public figures, official enterprises, etc.).

According to Musk, additional plans call for “priority in replies” that put subscriber comments first, “which is essential to defeat spam/scam.”

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