Nelly’s Strange Blinking During Melbourne’s Juicy Fest Goes Viral

Online viewers have been watching videos of Nelly’s recent performance at Juicy Fest after the rapper was seen making peculiar facial expressions while singing “Over and Over.”

Last Sunday’s festival in Melbourne included Nelly as one of three headliners, along with Ne-Yo and Ja Rule (January 15). Nelly can be seen singing the song’s chorus with an exaggerated smile and rolling his eyes halfway through his performance, which was released in 2004 and includes country musician Tim McGraw. Short clips of Nelly’s performance soon spread on social media, prompting some followers to wonder if the rapper was “on anything [because] his eyes were battling for their life.”

Others declared Nelly “HIGH AS EGGS” and “zooted.” Some people mocked the performance, claiming that Nelly was “feeling this song,” and another quipped that his “eyes rolled back to 2003.” While he has not yet addressed the viral videos specifically, Nelly yesterday (January 18) uploaded an Instagram story in which he “thank[ed] all of Australia for showing out” for the festival.

The touring R&B festival’s penultimate visit was Juicy Fest Melbourne, and its final installment will be held at the Red Hill Auditorium in Perth tomorrow (January 20). In addition to its three headliners, the Juicy Fest lineup also features international talents Bow Wow, Xzibit, Mya, Pretty Ricky, Twista, Chingy, and Lloyd. Take a look at the trending clips below.

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