New Album Alert : Ruger Aims Dig At BNXN, Says “My Album Will Silence A Lot Critics”

The ongoing “Social Media Feud” between Ruger and BNXN has taken shape so much that every comment made by one party seems to have a subtle dig at the other. At least, that’s how netizens love to see it.

New Album Alert : Ruger Aims Dig At Bnxn, Says “My Album Will Silence A Lot Critics”, Yours Truly, News, June 22, 2024

Fans anticipated but also exhibited some skepticism when Nigerian musician Michael Adebayo Olayinka, commonly known as ‘Ruger’ on stage, announced the release of his debut album. They had seen the wits, words, and music duel between the star and his ‘rival,’ BNXN. But Ruger has promised his followers that his upcoming album will hush all naysayers and serve as a wake-up call for those who challenge his potential.

He said, “This album will shut a lot of mouths, I promise,” he said.

Recently, Ruger and D’Prince revealed a song from this forthcoming album on Ruger’s Instagram story, indicating that a double collaboration of prodigious talent is imminent.

Ruger may also be attempting to demonstrate through this album that he is just as talented a hitmaker as his rival, BNXN, in a subtly jab at the latter. Of course, no names were explicitly mentioned, but the implications are apparent. Ruger is known for his high level of creativity and deep feelings. Therefore, it’s expected that this new album will take the form of something spectacular.

It’s exciting to consider the fresh possibilities that this project, alongside those of his talented colleagues in the industry, will open up and how it could signal a change in the nation’s music scene. Hopefully, this record will open up many doors to opportunities, partnerships, and projects that Ruger and the industry can take advantage of.

Although the album’s release date has not yet been specified, it is already clear that it will be worth anticipating. Fans should expect the best from Ruger in this next endeavor, whether its goal is to prove a point, inspire, or have fun.

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