New Dub Single from Al Cisneros, “Suicide of Judas / Akeldama”

As Al Cisneros continues to move through the dub zone, a journey over a decade in length, his music and production continue to evolve and deepen. The sinew of the bass strings sets the pocket with ever-focused raw and relentless drive, while on the version, the mixing desk becomes it’s own instrument.

With a multi-segmented bass melody, the rhythm section on “Suicide of Judas” b/w “Akeldama” lays out an elaborate series of movements that roll in perfect accord. As melodies of the ancient world emerge prayerfully from the mist above the fray, all is right in all of the worlds that we can hope to know.

Stream or download “Suicide of Judas” b/w “Akeldama” on the DSP of your choice and pre-order the 7″ here:

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