Nia Archives Shares New Single “Conveniency”

Announces Forthcoming EP, "Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall" Out 3/10

Nia Archives is a rising star in the jungle music scene and has released her first single of the year, “Conveniency”. This new single showcases Nia’s upfront and honest lyricism as she stands up for herself, exploring feelings of being left out in a friendship. The accompanying video, which was directed by Nia and Delphino Productions, depicts a bright, clear day in East London filled with skateboarding and friends.

Shedding light on the upcoming EP and the story it will tell, Nia shares:

Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against The Wall is that feeling when you’ve been at an afters and you’re in someone’s kitchen… there’s all these thoughts running through your head, the sun comes up and it’s the most disgusting feeling ever with an element of bliss at the same time. All you wanna do is bang your head against the wall and teleport home. Across the EP I’m broadly talking about growing up as a person, reaching new levels of maturity, love and loss, rejection, estrangement, the come up and the come down. It’s the most exciting project I’ve made yet and it’s a window into the future and the kind of artist I wanna become. It’s six tracks with six different moods soundtracking the recent chapter in my life.

Nia’s new EP, “Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall” will be released on March 10th via HIJINXX/Island Records and includes two other tracks, “So Tell Me…” and “Baianá”. Nia has also announced her upcoming tour which will cover 9 cities across the UK and EU, including London, Manchester, Brighton, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Glasgow, and Dublin. These new tour dates are on sale from February 1st.

Nia Archives Shares New Single “Conveniency”, Yours Truly, News, May 27, 2024
Photo Credit: Finn Flint

Nia is breaking records with her debut Boiler Room and her recent sold-out 3-date UK tour. The news of her 2023 Coachella appearance is further proof of her growing success. Nia Archives is on her way to becoming a prominent figure in the jungle music scene.

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