Nicki Minaj Is Taking “Queen Radio” To Amazon Amp

Nicki Minaj will be making a comeback to radio in weeks to come.

The rapper inked a new deal to bring Queen Radio to Amazon Amp, a new service that announced on Tuesday, March 8th. The show which was formerly exclusive to Apple Music will be changing territories, as it dips off to Amazon Amp, a new live radio app that allows users to play DJ, while they also chat with listeners and also get the chance to check out tens of millions of songs majorly distributed by Universal, Sony, and Warner, alongside hundreds of other independent imprints.

In preparation for her next Instagram Livestream session at 4PM EST on Tuesday, Nicki posted an exclusive code for the Barbz to download the app and get set for the first new episode of Queen Radio. With this, Nicki will be joining a host of other artists that have had to partner with Amp for their own shows.

Such artists include Pusha-T, Tinashe, Lil Yachty, Travis Barker, Big Boi, and more. Some internet personalities like Nikita Dragun have also gotten a chunk of the partnership cake. While a lot of hype is going up for other upcoming shows, the announcement of stunning return of Queen Radio stole every thunder.

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