Nicki Minaj Lashes Out At YouTube For Limiting The Viewing Age Of Her New Music Video

After YouTube age-restricted her “Likkle Miss Remix” music video with dancehall musician Skeng on Monday afternoon, Nicki Minaj lashed back, claiming that the corporation is “in bed” with the camps of competitor artists.

“Imagine this. They restricted my fucking video but have things a million fucking times worse on their bogus fking platform,” said Minaj in the caption of a screenshot of a YouTube community guidelines violation alert posted to Instagram. “This is what they do to keep you from winning while doing ads for other ppl and posting fake fking stats. Because the same ppl who run YouTube are in bed with a certain record label and mngmnt company.”

The “Likkle Miss Remix” video was considered “not suitable for viewers under the age of 18,” according to the screenshot. A group of party-goers are seen drinking and dancing in the video. A group of female dancers frequently join the male extras in quick, suggestive poses while twerking alongside Minaj.

A statement to Complex stating that YouTube had “removed the age-restriction after determining the video didn’t violate our Community Guidelines” was released on Monday. After this article was first published Monday night, Minaj deleted her two venomous Instagram postings.

In a different post about the subject, Minaj stated: “This was done to stop us from getting a lot of views in the first 24 hours. The duds at my label allow ppl to use my videos all the time to promote weak shit but said we can’t buy promo for my videos.”

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