Nicki Minaj Responds To A Popular Instagram Page Asserting To Be Her Assistant By Saying, “You Would Have To Be Dumb”

The Rap Queen’s name may have reached trending status on Twitter in recent days due to talk and anticipation surrounding her new song, “Freaky Girl,” but when people took a look at the site on Monday (August 1), they were talking about something else.

A woman claiming to be Minaj’s former assistant used social media to “expose” the femcee, making claims ranging from sexual promiscuity and use of Payola to the idea that the rap star may be a covert victim of domestic abuse from her husband Kenneth Petty.

Even if the assertions made by the poster at the time of posting were unfounded, the negative press nevertheless had a field day with the critics. Nicki, who was sick of the fuss, took to the internet Monday night to put an end to it. Enter to find out what she said.

A page associated with Kate Miller published around 50 offensive posts, some of which are depicted in the tweet above. Minaj responded to Miller on Instagram Live by criticizing those who had taken the mysterious poster’s messages seriously.

“Every day I learn that y’all getting dumber and f*cking dumber,” she said. “The other day I was on Twitter and I saw this whole fanbase, b*tch.” Nicki offered a general denial even though she didn’t precisely refute Kate’s claims.

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