Nicki Minaj Reveals How She Got Turned Down When She Approached Kanye For A Yeezy Partnership

Rap Queen, Nicki Minaj, sat down with fellow rapper and podcaster, Joe Budden for an interview on his podcast, and the female emcee spilt a lot.

Prior to the lucrative partnership, Nicki had with Fendi, she revealed she had actually approached Ye to discuss a potential Yeezy partnership. “He was like, ‘Well, if I did something with you, I think my wife probably wouldn’t love that idea because I should be giving that to my wife instead. If I was doing a female version of the Yeezys or whatever, it probably should go to my wife,'” Nicki said.

Though the “Chun LI” rapper took Ye’s response in good faith, she seemed to have more thoughts on the matter.

She added, “Kanye was very vocal about the fashion industry not letting him in at one time, so if a Black female who you know has just shown herself to be sellable in that space. I come to you as a Black man that I look up to, I’m doing that because you inspired me, because you said the fashion industry didn’t want to let us in even though we’re so influential.”

The rapper also disclosed that she wasn’t fully aware if Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim, took hold of the opportunity, but that hearing Ye say the partnership with her might be a problem was enough to make her let it go for good. If you still haven’t checked out the interview, here you go:

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