Nicki Minaj Releases Trailer For ‘Do We Have A Problem?’ With Lil Baby

The rap barbie queen has rolled out a new, exciting announcement, and the barbz couldn’t be any happier! Nicki has shared a thrilling trailer to her new, upcoming single, “Do We Have a Problem?” with rap star Lil Baby as the guest feature.

Sometime in May last year, Nicki surprised fans with the re-release of her 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up, Scotty, to all music streaming service platforms. Like that wasn’t pandemonium enough, she is making another unexpected comeback. With this surprise comes another surprise. In the cinema-esque trailer, Nicki is seen going back to her second love, acting. I mean, is there something that a woman is not good at? Having starred in two films and voiced for two animated films, it just may be high time she took her second love a bit more seriously. Maybe this single would serve as that zealous usher that would reintroduce her onto the acting scene.

The trailer which co-starred actors Cory Hardict and Joseph Sikora and was greatly inspired by one of her favourite movies, Salt, which has Angelina Jolie playing the heroine.

The teaser also features a preview of the song. This highly anticipated tune is produced by Tate Kobang and Papiyerr and is already set to rock the airwaves upon release. Watch it below:

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