Nigerian Singer Lojay Shares How He Was Stabbed By His Ex-Girlfriend In Trending Podcast

Have you ever questioned why Lojay’s songs frequently focus on the negative consequences of unhealthy relationships and the need to make things right? In any case, Lojay, the legendary singer-songwriter from Nigeria, recently spoke out about a shocking occurrence involving his ex-girlfriend, who resorted to drastic measures after a contentious fight.

Nigerian Singer Lojay Shares How He Was Stabbed By His Ex-Girlfriend In Trending Podcast, Yours Truly, News, June 22, 2024

The disturbing circumstances that left Lojay emotionally damaged and physically hurt were revealed in a gripping episode of the well-known “On The Radar” podcast.

Lojay explained the tumultuous nature of their relationship, saying that despite their attempts to make it work, things were spiraling out of control, and it turned toxic for both of them. Their attempts to save their relationship finally took them down a dangerous path, which resulted in a fight that would long haunt Lojay. Lojay eloquently described the crucial moment as he recalled it:

“We were having this intense argument, and I was like, ‘I need to get out of here!’ But she wouldn’t let me leave. She locked the damn door and hid the keys.”

Lojay found himself in a terrifying struggle for freedom after becoming trapped and unable to stop the growing tension. His ex-girlfriend resorted to alarming violence as tempers flared, preferring to use a fork as her weapon of choice. Disbelief echoed Lojay’s explanation, delivered with a voice still marked by the tragedy he had just gone through.

“One moment, I was trying to reason with her, and the next, I felt this sharp pain in my chest,” She stabbed me! I was in complete shock. But I didn’t back down. I managed to block her second attempt with my hand.”

“Out of nowhere, she grabs a kettle and smashes it on my head. Can you believe that? After stabbing me, she goes for my head!”

Sadly, the ordeal continued after that. Lojay received an unanticipated blow that was horrifying in its turn of events. The brutality of his ex-girlfriend and her use of the closed door and hidden keys made it difficult for Lojay to escape while he was trapped inside the boundaries of a room that had been turned into a battlefield. In light of his terrifying experience, Lojay had the following important advice for his fans:

“If you ever find yourself in a relationship with someone who becomes aggressive, just walk away. It’s not worth risking your well-being and sanity.”

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