Nirvana’s Lawyers Call On Elden Spencer To Drop Lawsuit Over ‘Nevermind’ Cover Art.

American rock band, Nirvana, is once again caught in the messy web of legal woes, as the former child model that was featured on the iconic cover art for their 1991 album, Nevermind, refiles another lawsuit over said album cover art.

Nirvana'S Lawyers Call On Elden Spencer To Drop Lawsuit Over ‘Nevermind’ Cover Art., Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024
Credit: Greffen

Nirvana, as huge and as celebrated as they are worldwide, does not make them immune to the law. At least that is what this legal situation is proving. Probably at the time, both themselves and their team did not see anything that could possibly go wrong with that choice for an album cover art. But the toddler featured on that album art has since then grown from what he used to be into a 30-year-old young man, and he thinks otherwise.

Elden Spencer, the aforementioned former child model has shown displeasure at what his childhood picture was used for and without consent or signed authorization of his guardians! He believes the “Nevermind” cover art is a product of “commercial child sexual exploitation”. And there is nothing anyone can tell him. Early last month, the judge handling the case dismissed the lawsuit, saying it needed some amendment. But Mr. Spencer is not letting up. Nirvana’s lawyers, however, have swooped in, looking to save the day. Hopefully they work out something amicable for both camps.

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