NLE Choppa Discusses The Herbs That May Be Able To Help Justin Bieber With His Facial Paralysis

NLE Choppa is explaining how he can help Justin Bieber after being labeled a “snake oil salesman” by DJ Vlad. The musician recently came forward to say that he had to postpone a number of gigs on his tour after his doctor urged him to take a break. Bieber appears to have been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a disorder that has left him facially paralyzed.

Following the news, Choppa turned to social media to offer Bieber his assistance. The rapper has been promoting his herbalist lifestyle, claiming to have cancer and other diseases treatments. Choppa didn’t appreciate Vlad’s reporting on his offer, labeling him a “culture vulture.”

AllHipHop, on the other hand, met up with Choppa at Hot 97’s Summer Jam and asked him a few questions, one of which asked him to explain how he would assist Bieber.

“Just basic herbs that work with the nerves. Things like mugwort or damiana. Things that people can do their own research on,” said Choppa. “If they just know how to use it, a lot of things will help for it. And just a full body detox. All that stuff helps.”

There’s no information on whether he intends to connect with Bieber. Check out NLE Choppa in the video below.

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