NLE Choppa Shares Opinion On Drake & Kendrick Lamar Battle To Billboard

The war of words between Drake and Kendrick Lamar keeps making headlines even as it wanes. Numerous peers and social media users have offered their opinions on the viral fiasco and who they think won out. Most people agree that less than an hour after “Family Matters” dropped, Kendrick unloaded “Meet the Grahams” against Drake. “Not Like Us,” which has probably become the most successful music to emerge from the beef, was the icing on the cake. Admirers and detractors have complimented Kendrick for his forceful delivery and brilliant wordplay in his diss tracks about Drake. Many people are excitedly awaiting Drake’s reaction, wondering if he can match Kendrick’s ferocity and inventiveness in their ongoing battle or if he’s genuinely holding out the white flag.

NLE Choppa, meanwhile, offered his opinion on who he thought won in a preview of a future interview with Billboard, but his response could surprise many. He believes that, in the end, everything depends on how each artist feels. And the ultimate win, in his opinion, would be if they collaborated on a song, which would leave fans in disarray. NLE Choppa’s viewpoint, which emphasizes the possibility of cooperation rather than rivalry, provides a novel interpretation of the rivalry between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. His proposal for a collaboration song between the two musicians demonstrates the value of cooperation in the music business.

He explained,

“I think the win is like, you know, how Kendrick go home and feel about it, and how Drizzy will go home and feel about it. I think the win would be like both of them coming together and doing a song together, I think that’s one of the most beautiful wins,”

But he covered more ground in the interview than Kendrick and Drake’s feud. He also disclosed his personal problems with Blueface.

“I can kill you on the beat and then I call you and be like ‘Hey bro, I’m done f*cking with you,'”

How do you feel about NLE Choppa’s analysis of the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar?

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