NLE Choppa Wowed By 61-Year-Old Rapping His Song Word-for-word

NLE Choppa has once again proven that there are no boundaries in the reach of hip hop songs and the bonds between artists and their fans.

Rap music is often considered a thing for the younger generations, but NLE Choppa was pleasantly surprised when he ran into a superfan who ate the lyrics and dropped solid bars of his hit songs “Camelot” and “Shotta Flow”.

In a video posted by the artist on TikTok, a 61-year old superfan brings the lyrics from Choppa’s popular songs to life alongside the rapper.

“F*ck the police ’cause them b*tches ain’t gon’ stop sh*t,” she rapped before adding, “I might just OD, Percs killin’ me slowly / Feelin’ like I’m Kobe, can’t let a b*tch hold me /Shoot him like Ginobili /And I’m with the sh*t, lil’ homie / Yeah, like I’m Toby.”

@nlechoppamusicI Just Met One Of My Favorite Fans Ever On Tour, She’s Fasho Invited To The Cookout. She’s 61 And Knows Every Song Word For Word Much Love For Her. Thank you beautiful soul 💜♬ original sound – NLE choppa

The American rapper is well known for his controversial claims, including his proclamation of exclusive research-based ability to increase breast size and reverse several health conditions, including autism, dwarfism, and more. After successfully launching his Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) herbal blend, he said this. Having claimed his focus on health research was stopping him from releasing new music in the past, the rapper appears to be enjoying his time back focusing on music.

The rapper appeared to be having a great time back on stage after releasing his Me vs Me album earlier this year. Surprised at the woman’s ability to spit bars from his songs, the artist invited the woman over to sing alongside himself as he performed the song. After the performance, he met the 61-year old superfan to appreciate her, inviting her over to The Cookout.

In the caption attached to the video posted on TikTok, Choppa described the superfan as one of his “favourite fans ever” and thanked her for her support before calling her a “beautiful soul”.

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