Noreaga Questions Why Rap Artists “Respect” Letterman, Oprah, & Zane Lowe Over “The Culture”

Noreaga has taken to Twitter to question why artists and entertainers, especially those with backgrounds in Hip Hop, opt to make appearances on mainstream media platforms outside of the culture. Although the platform may be unconventional, there is no about the reach of the platform and the rare ability of Nore and EFN to elicit information that other outlets haven’t been able to receive.

With their interview streamed in millions following the anticipated release of each episode, Noreaga is a dominating force in Hip Hop and beyond, becoming the coveted space for artists to share their truths.

One of the hosts, Nore, has now leveraged his platform to question the preference of hip hop artists and entertainers for external mainstream platforms over those dedicated wholly to the hip hop culture.


Noreaga Questions Why Rap Artists &Quot;Respect&Quot; Letterman, Oprah, &Amp; Zane Lowe Over &Quot;The Culture&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024
Credit: Full Sail University

Explaining his frustration at the way artists ignore industry-focused platforms for more popular mainstream ones, the duo described the act as utterly disrespectful and a form of sabotage to the efforts of some artists dedicated to pushing black excellence up and ahead in the industry.

Making sure there was no ambiguity in his words, Nore explained further that patronising Ellen, David Letterman, Zane low, and even Oprah’s shows over platforms designed to share black information is inexcusable. He further advised that if black artists are interested in controlling the culture as much as they say, they have to patronise platforms within the culture.

Although the rapper has not exactly mentioned what informed his latest outburst, there are beginning to be talks on social media that Nore’s reaction is a response to Cardi B’s recent appearance on David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and other artists like Jay-Z. However, the latter is not known to patronise industry-based platforms. Check out Nore’s tweets and a few reactions below.


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