OAP Nedu Asserts That Side Chicks Provide Men “Peace Of Mind”

Renowned on-air personality Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, often known as Nedu, asserts that side chicks bring married men serenity. The comedian made this statement on the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch, which he co-hosts. He stated that most men tolerate complaining wives because their side chicks provide them peace of mind.

Nedu specially asked God to bless side chicks for their “work” that also acts as a tranquilizer for a man trapped in a chaotic marriage. For example, he said that guys in that category would always fancy a drop-in at their side chick’s apartment before returning home from work. And when they get home, the nagging from their wives becomes less torturous because Soso has already taken their pain away.

However, when another male host tried to touch on the “tension” that side chicks bring into family units, Nedu swept it under the carpet and stood solidly behind his opinion. Later in the same podcast, Nedu revealed that he would never walk a virgin down the aisle (no double entendre intended for his future daughter). He gave his reason for not desiring to marry a virgin: they are slow in making decisions, while non-virgins aren’t.

We wonder if Nedu is talking from experience. In the meantime, check out the full podcast below.

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