OAP Toolz Reveals Why She Won’t Allow Her Sons A Sleepover With Friends

The popular on-air personality Tolu Oniru-Demuren AKA Toolz has dished her hot take on a delicate but real topic eating up society from the inside out. But to enjoy this hot tea, you must first know that Toolz and her hubby had their first child in December 2018, before the second child arrived in 2021. So, starting the conversation, the buxom radio sensation shared on her official Insta why she would never permit her kids to go for a sleepover at a friend’s. The question was presented to her by a friend, and she must have given it some thought which she all spilled.

She wrote, “Someone asked me this the other day if as a parent, I can allow my kids go for a sleepover…my answer was right now NO…maybe when they’re 18 or something. Too many crazy people in this world…and having boys doesn’t mean they’re 100% safe. All you need to do is check the news to hear of crazy stories of people taking advantage of children. Abuse is very real!”

First, she said her kids were not of age and that until they were eighteen and above, no nod, doze, or sleepover was allowed. But, then, she seemed pretty stern about her decision, saying “abuse is real” and that there were “too many crazy people” in the world today. She said that having male children as she has does not make them immune to abuse of any sort, especially sexual.

She also asked those still surprisingly unaware of the realness of child abuse to help themselves to the endless well of chilling stories regarding child abuse within the sleepover context. And it turns out many followers of hers shared similar opinions. In addition, many social media users echoed her points in the comment section, which means that realization already lives in many, which is admirable.

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