Obafemi Martins Refers To Small Doctor’s Money As Snack Money

Popular football player Obafemi Martins and Small singer Doctor recently engaged in a conversation that made users of social media laugh. A viral video shows the moment Small Doctor called Martins on a video conference and pushed him to provide his bank account information. The musician appeared to want to give the footballer some money as a gesture of appreciation, but Martins refused.

When they first met in the well-known Lagos nightclub Quillox, Small Doctor related how Martins had taken off. However, the musician claimed he missed his opportunity to spend lavishly on Martins at the club despite wanting to do so.

Small Doctor was so eager, almost desperate, to send the football player some money as he groveled for Martins’ account details. Martins said he would only use Small Doctor’s money to buy groundnuts. In another scene of the video, Martins requested that the performer deposit $1,000,000.00 (N445M). Whether he was able to do that or not was not made known. It’s probably all cruise at the end of the day.

At one of his recent shows, Small Doctor was blown away to see singer, Teni, come through for him to support him at his show. He shared a post on IG expressing his love and gratitude for the female singer.

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