Odogwu Mara, A Nigerian Actor, Filmmaker, And Producer, Dead At 51

Odogwu Mara, a gifted dancer from Nigeria who amassed a sizable following on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram as a result of his exceptional dance abilities, has reportedly passed away. Obi Madubogwu, popularly known as Odogwu Mara, was a Nigerian producer, filmmaker, and actor. The cause of the late star’s death and the passing news were publicly announced by the late entertainer’s brother Chukwudi Madubogwu.

Chukwudi revealed in a statement to the media that his brother had been dealing with severe diabetic foot sores for some time. He had been checked into the hospital for treatment, but physicians were unable to save his life, and he passed away, leaving everyone in a state of sadness. Although many people believed that he was murdered before he died, there is no concrete proof to support this.

His brother also said that despite his poor health, he continued to work and contribute to his film projects. He was incredibly committed to his profession, which is why he never took time off. He passed away on August 28, 2017, in a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. For his parts in movies like “The Battle Of Love,” “The Last Burial,” and “Passion of my blood,” Mara was born on December 12, 1965, and was 51 at the time of his death, according to online sources.

Even though it has been six years since his passing, his fans and colleagues are still in mourning.

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