Offset Says He Did Not Steal The Car, And Wants Default Judgment Reversed

Rapper, Offset wants the $950k default judgment reversed, as he claims he did not steal the car.

Migos star, Offset was accused by Los Angeles vehicle rental company Platinum Motorsports (PML) of ‘running off’ with a 2020 Bentley Bentayga he allegedly rented and never returned in 2019. In the suit, the company demanded he pays $950,027.35 for the vehicle. According to recent reports, the Migos star defaulted on the lawsuit and was required by the court to pay the whole sum.

In a report by Rolling Stone, the “Clout” star has filed a sworn statement in court this week. He claims he never drove or possessed the car in question. According to him, Oriel Williams, one of the mothers of his children, was the one who rented the vehicle at the time. He revealed that he had agreed to cover the rental cost. He further claims that Williams called him in July 2020 to say that the car had gone missing. Following a conversation with Platinum, Offset said he was made to believe that the issue had been resolved.

Offset said in a statement, “I was told by a PML representative that PML would report the car stolen to the authorities. I did not steal the car, and I reported the car missing to PML as soon as I was advised by Williams that the car could not be located. In or about July 2020, I was informed by PML that the car was reported stolen to the Los Angeles Police Department and that they were investigating the theft of the car.”

He continued, “I was never in possession of the car, and — to my knowledge — was not listed as an ‘additional driver’ on the rental agreement. I had rented cars from PML in the past, however, and they had both my Georgia driver’s license and credit card on file.”

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